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What data we migrate:

  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Coupons
  • Manufacturers
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Taxes
  • Reviews
  • Multistore
  • Multiple Languages

    Why Choose X-Cart over Magento
    (Adobe Commerce)?

    X-Cart vs. Magento (Adobe Commerce)

     X-CartMagento (Adobe Commerce)
    Open-Source eCommerce Platform✔✔
    API Access✔✔
    Customer Relationship Management System✔✔
    Order Management✔✔
    Inventory Management✔✔
    Payment Methods

    No-code integrations with 120+ payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Authorise.net, Affirm, Apple Pay, and Google Pay to name a few.

    X-Cart offers a prebuilt X-Payments Cloud connector – PA DSS certified software that complies with PCI standards.

    Out-of-the-box, Adobe Commerce allows for only 4 payment integrations: PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.net, and Venmo.
    Transaction Fees
    Order Fulfillment & Shipping OptionsFree integrations with ShipStation and Shipping EaseAn integration with ShopRunner
    Omnichannel Capabilities✔✔
    Marketplace Solution✔
    Advanced Marketing Tools✔✔
    Prebuilt Search FunctionalityCloud Search & Filtering are prebuilt in all X-Cart software editions
    Extended Integrations via App Market✔✔
    Design Configuration & Templates✔✔
    Native eCommerce Solution for Automotive Businesses ✔

    Year/Make/Model/Engine filtering

    Garage feature for shoppers to save and reuse search filters

    Responsive Automotive themes

    Catalog SizeUnlimited SKUsExtended for a fee

    5 Things X-Cart Offers That Adobe Commerce Doesn’t

    Consistent and Stable Architecture

    A man is pointing at the X-Cart App Store. Illustration.

    X-Cart is an easily upgradeable shopping cart solution, no matter how custom your website is. What’s more, X-Cart provides all professional services in-house, which means you’ll get support from the original developers, unlike Magento where working with third-party web development agencies is standard practice.

    Adobe Commerce by Magento

    Adobe Commerce (Magento) allows for extensive customization. However, you’ll need a third-party expert or agency to do multiple updates and upgrades to your core.

    Personal Human Service

    A man is pointing at the X-Cart App Store. Illustration.

    X-Cart offers easily accessible customer support 24/7 for all users + a dedicated project manager for authorized customers.

    Adobe Commerce by Magento

    Adobe provides plenty of toolkits under one brand umbrella and doesn’t offer a transparent support system. If you think they have a single point of contact for customer care, it is not the case. In many ways, Adobe Commerce is still run as a separate platform and has not been fully integrated into the company. Besides, Adobe Commerce doesn’t offer support for its free edition — Magento Open Source.

    Simple Navigation

    A man is pointing at the X-Cart App Store. Illustration.

    The X-Cart interface is easier to manage on a daily basis. You can add products and create new content and promotions with no hassle, while your internal team can respond quicker and support initiatives without outside help.

    Adobe Commerce by Magento

    Given that Adobe Commerce has a steep learning curve, you may have difficulty updating and syncing information even if you are not a newbie. Some merchants also claim that its interface is difficult to navigate.

    Affordable Maintenance

    A man is pointing at the X-Cart App Store. Illustration.

    Although X-Cart and Adobe Commerce (Magento) both allow for extensive customization, the difference is how much money and effort you are ready to invest. X-Cart platform is less expensive to develop, maintain, host, and customize. Plus the professional X-Cart crew is ready to jump on your project anytime.

    Adobe Commerce by Magento

    Adobe Commerce can be a costly solution, especially for small businesses, depending on the size of your online business, your store’s AOV (average order value), and annual online revenue. Not to mention long-term maintenance costs.

    Hassle-Free Replatforming

    • Automated shopping cart migration Automated shopping cart migration
      The easy-to-use X-Cart migration add-ons establish a reliable and secure connection between your current online store and X-Cart to transfer the intended data entities smoothly. No coding required.
    • Fast and secure 2-step migration Fast and secure 2-step migration
      X-Cart offers a two-step migration process to ensure the accuracy of migrated data. First, we transfer a test copy and provide a private test URL for you to review the result. Then, after your approval, we schedule a convenient date to perform the final migration.
    • SEO audit of your eCommerce website SEO audit of your eCommerce website
      After migration, our SEO experts do a complete SEO audit of your site to protect you from a drop in search engine rankings. They map existing store URLs page to page and work out the visibility using high-end migration tools. None of your previous marketing efforts will go to waste.
    • Customized approach based on your website’s needs Customized approach based on your website’s needs
      We will develop an individual approach tailored to cover your unique requirements.
    • Minimized downtime Minimized downtime
      The highly-skilled X-Cart team ensures a precisely coordinated and mindfully supervised data migration with no risk to your online presence.

    Set Your Store Up for Growth

    Feedback from X-Cart Partners

    “When researching options, we considered many factors ultimately resulting in X-Cart over Magento. We found that while Magento is more popular, it’s not better.

    – Dragan Marjanovic, Mediashaker

    “Compared to Magento, the underlying framework is extremely stable. Let’s think about this for a second. The Symphony framework went through years of improvements to get to the stable state that they are and so has X-Cart. Magento has recreated their framework so technically, in my opinion, it would take a few years for the new Magento framework to be as stable and efficient as the Symphony framework & X-Cart. With a number of malicious attacks on eCommerce websites, stability is the most important.”

    – Mage H.D.

    “The X-Cart Team is excellent. Our Migration to their Platform was seamless with the Tech Staff at X-Cart handling all the work.”

    – Maree Dennison, Mauve Interactive Pty Ltd

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