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Shopify Plus Alternatives

Yes, it IS possible to find an affordable, customizable, and scalable eCommerce platform. Don’t settle for code-specific restraints that make customizations and regular maintenance a financial nightmare!

X-Cart’s open-code architecture is widely used in the industry: With in-house or hiring a team developers, YOU have the power to build a website that scales WITH your business, not around it.

  • Affordable Customization
  • Personal Service 24/7/365
  • Greater Value at Lower Cost
  • Open-Code Architecture

    Why are Customers Switching From Shopify Plus to X-Cart?

    Shopify Plus
    Customizable checkout available by default. Custom checkout costs $2,000/mo extra.
    Easily accessible customer support 24/7 for all users + a dedicated project manager for authorized customers. Customer support 24/7 for authorized users.
    Unlimited catalog size. Capacity of maximum 2000 SKUs.
    Custom domain for every shop by default. It is possible to have a custom domain for wholesale through an app.
    X-Cart has developed its own payment security software to make checkout easily customizable and still secure. Shopify is hesitant to customize checkout for security reasons.

    X-Cart vs. Shopify Plus

      Shopify Plus
    Catalog sizeUnlimited SKUsUp to 2K SKUs
    Search FiltersInstant Cloud Search and FiltersStandard
    Open-Code Access (SS+)✔—
    Personalized Product Tabs✔✔
    Custom CSS/JS Blocks✔✔
    API Access✔—
    Checkout OptionsPayPal, PayPal Credit, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Authorize.Net, Apple Pay, Google Pay, 120+ Payment IntegrationsShopify Checkout
    Mailchimp Email Marketing✔—
    Unlimited Customers✔—
    Advanced Sales Tools✔✔
    Advanced Shipping and Fulfilment✔✔
    Custom Domain✔Wholesale, via an app
    Admin AccountsUnlimitedLimited

    With X-Cart, you get much more than an eCommerce platform

    Affordable Customization

    Both X-Cart and Shopify Plus allow for custom website build. The difference is how much money and effort you are ready to invest. X-Cart specializes in custom solutions since day 1, which allows us to deliver them quicker and charge less.

    Open-Code Architecture

    Shopify Plus allows for extensive (and expensive) customization, but you’ll need a Shopify expert to do updates and upgrades to your core, and the costs just keep on building up. X-Cart is open-code, which means there is a whole community of experts at your service.

    Personal Service

    While Shopify is a large company with millions of users all over the world, they can’t provide a personal human service and a dedicated manager to each of their clients. X-Cart can.

    Lower Cost

    X-Cart saves you 50% of the eCommerce budget that you would normally spend on a Shopify Plus subscription. Invest into your business growth instead!


    “When it comes to mission critical support, there is no better option for eCommerce hosting than X-Cart hosting. You can pay tens of thousands of dollars for other enterprise-level solutions, but why? If you are looking for someone to be on-call, standing by not only to fix server issues, but to advise and execute high-level custom coding or configurations, then X-Cart Hosting is the way to go.”
    Robert Schnurmacher, X-Cart customer
    “Before moving to X-Cart 5, we investigated a few other options with other companies. However, we found that X-Cart was the most flexible and customizable shopping cart compared to the others.”
    Yuho Yamamoto at Fumoto Online Store
    “Besides, X-Cart has a lot of built-in features that other platform don’t.”
    Yuho Yamamoto at Fumoto Online Store
    “We found that X-Cart was the most flexible and customizable shopping cart compared to the others.”
    Yuho Yamamoto at Fumoto Online Store

    X-Cart vs Shopify [Q&A]

    Does X-Cart offer a free demo?

    Yes. Migration from Shopify to X-Cart, just like the migration to any other platform, is a big commitment. While we’re confident you’ll love the features and benefits of X-Cart, we understand that you’ll want to thoroughly explore the new platform before making the switch. Set up a free demo with one of our solution advisors to find out more about the platform’s capabilities.

    Can I migrate from Shopify to X-Cart without putting my business on hold?

    Absolutely. The replatforming process is performed on our testing servers, so your website will stay up throughout the entire migration process. You won’t lose a sale.

    Note: Updating the DNS records for your domain may take up to 48 hours. But that’s inevitable regardless of the platform you choose to migrate to. You’ll have to deal with it anyway.

    How is the store migration carried out?

    Check out our step-by-step guide to shopping cart migration >> (opens in new tab)

    You can as well defer this task to our replatforming experts, who will switch your Shopify store to X-Cart faster, do the post-launch testing, and support your new store for at least three months to make sure all is going well.

    Is there a SaaS version of X-Cart?

    X-Cart is a lot like SaaS, but more flexible. Hosted on lightning-fast servers and specially configured to work with X-Cart software, our cloud version delivers unmatched performance and ensures your website is up 99.99% of the time.

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